Frost-King Apollo


Born on September 5, 1999, Apollo is currently 12.5 years old.  He is definitely an old man but he is hanging there.  Hopefully, he make 13 in September.   He is a healthy intact male and Ruby's uncle.  Like many Rottweilers, he proved himself to be smart and easily trained if not totally willing.  Although he never competed, he was trained in obedience, agility and some intro to schutzhund.  Unfortunately, his idea of herding looked more like schutzhund with no "Out" on his grip!   He is, however, a great companion and love.

Dam:   Htch DC Pepperhaus Nixe UD, HX, HXAsd, HXBsd, HRDIIIs, HTDIIId, OA, OAJ, BH, CGC, WD, VX, C/HA  - 1st AKC Dual Rottweiler Champion
 INT./DT.VDH-CH BS'95 KS'96 Furst vom Wolfert Turm SchH III AD BH IPO III ZTP(04.94)

Apollo at about 5 months old. 

The following pictures are of Apollo at 8 weeks of age.