In Memory of our Beloved Dillon
October 12, 1992 - July 2, 2003

There'll never be another one like you.
There'll never be another one who can do the things you do.  (The Doors)


HC Frolicn's Dillon von Edelhart UD, HX, HXAs, HRDIIs, HTDIIs, OA, NAJ, VX, CGC, TT

Dillon is only the 2nd Rottweiler to earn an AKC Herding Championship!!!  #1 ARC Top 10 Herding dog for 2000!

Dillon is looking good, isn't he!  Dillon turned 10 on October 12th 2002!!!

Dillon is also a member of the infamous Rott Rangers.  

Agility Dillon !!!

Dillon's sire: Lacky von Aratora

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