Htch DC Pepperhaus Nixe UD, HX, HXAsd, HXBsd, HRDIIIs, HTDIIId, OA, OAJ, BH, CGC, WD, VX, C/HA
1st AKC Dual Rottweiler Champion

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(pronounced Nix-sa)

Nixe the Herding Dog

Herding was the sport that we loved best and Nixe proved to be very good at it. 
Nixe and I competed in AKC and AHBA herding events earning championships in both. 
We competed on sheep and ducks.  Towards the end of her herding career, we tried cattle. 
Nixe was ready for that challenge telling the cows who was boss.

1998 ARC Top Ten Herding
1999 ARC Top Ten Herding
2000 ARC Top Ten Herding
2001 ARC Top Ten Herding #1
2002 ARC Top Ten Herding #1

1998 Herding High in Trial (HIT)
Numerous HIT on both Sheep and Ducks in 2000, 2001, 2002 & 2003.

WVHC September 20th AKC Trial:-
earns her 1st HSAc leg on cattle and HIT Cattle!!

Photograph by Carol Delsman

WVHC October 11th AHBA Trial:-
earns her 10th Championship Point to finish her AHBA Championship!!!! 
That makes Nixe the 2nd Rottweiler to complete an AHBA Championship (Maverick was 1st.)

ARC 2002 National Herding Trial:
Nixe won the Advanced Course A Sheep class both days with a HIT Sheep and RHIT Ducks on day 2.

DC Pepperhaus Nixe was #2 AKC Herding dog - All Breeds in 2001.  Nixe is also #1 for 2001 and 2002 in the ARC Top 10 Herding.

On May 19, 2001, Nixe became the 1st Rottweiler AKC Dual Champion with championships in Conformation and Herding.
(Turns out that she actually finished in February 2001.  AKC confusion.)


Nixe the Utility Dog
In 1998, it was my goal that Nixe complete AKC obedience titles through Utility Dog in one calendar year.
Nixe was just 2 years old.  We started out well earning back to back Novice and Open titles in January 1998 in back to back weekends.
With the rest of 1998 to go, I was pretty confident that we would finish that UD title in 1998.
Nixe showed me how creative she could be the remainder of that year - not earning her first UD leg until October and then finishing the 2 remaining legs in one weekend early in 1999. 

Nixe the Agility Dog
Nixe did enjoy agility (AKC).  Nixe competed well through Open earning both OA and OAJ titles.   We did manage to earn 1 Excellent Jumpers leg at the 2000 ARC Nationals. 

'99 #1 ARC Top 10 Open Agility

'98 ARC Top 10 Novice Agility  
'98 ARC Top 10 Novice Jumpers


Nixe the Conformation Dog
Nixe was show in the conformation ring by her breeders,
 Sandy and Ron Overgaard of Pepperhaus Rottweilers.
She was the Reserve Winners Bitch Queen before finishing her conformation championship.
During the time she competed in the ring, the point schedule was such that she had to beat 26 bitches for a 3 pt win.  The good ole days!)

AKC Conformation - Nixe winning Winner's Bitch along with brother Nitro who won
Best of Winners and Best of Breed that day (4 pt major)!