Nixe in 2001 posing for her AKC Herding Championship

Young Nixe showing how she can turn a Barb

Nixe - got that Barb turned~!

Nixe competing in AKC on cows.

Nixe in the round pen posing for Mom.

Nixe the sheep washing machine. 

Dillon showing Rottweiler "eye".

Nixe washing the other end for a change!

Nixe's friends - Blanca and BeBe Noire

AKC Herding Champion Dillon

Dillon posing again.

Nixe play bowing with a bigger Blanca.

Nixe watching over the Moms and lambs

Good all around farm dog!!!!  8 killed in minutes!

Baby Luna stalking a duck

Nicki putting a HIT performance at the ARC National in 2000.

Nixe herding the big fat Pekin ducks.

More of those fat ducks.

Xander's beginning work on cows.

Luna's beginning work on sheep.

Luna sniffing and licking sheep.

Nixe and Lucky Lamb (bottle baby)  Nixe wouldn't let him nurse though.